Tuesday, June 18 : 11:00 am

In front of Belvidere Courthouse Dave Ernest announced his candidacy for the office of Boone County Sheriff. His family was there, his wife: Micki and their three daughters: Amanda, Abigail and Malina. You can follow Dave on Facebook by using the link to the right.


He was also joined by his parents, Maurice and Judy, his mother-in-law, Judi, brother Jeff Ernest, his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Troy and Barbi Yunk, and his brother-in-law Drew Pivoras. Also, additional family members, friends, and city, county and state officals.


Dave's Background


  • Grew up in Belvidere and graduated from Belvidere High in 1981
  • Rock Valley College - Associates Degree in Police Science
  • Joined Boone County Sheriff's Department as a corrections officer in 1983
  • Graduated from Illinois State Police Academy and hired as a deputy in 1984
  • Hired by Belvidere Police Department in 1986
  • Graduated from FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia in 2007
  • Roles I have been involved in:
  1. Patrol Officer
  2. DARE officer
  3. Accident Reconstruction Expert
  4. Hostage Negotiator
  5. Investigator
  6. Undercover Narcotics Officer
  7. Sergeant of Investigations
  8. Deputy Chief of Operations (current position)


"In addition to my work experience and training, I believe my strongest advantages are the mentors I have worked for and whom I am still very close with. Three of those mentors are Sheriff Duane Wirth, retired Police Chief Robert Bowley, and current Police Chief Jan Noble. These three men have collectively molded me into the law enforcement leader I am today. I have never worked with anyone so committed to the community they serve, and I am very proud to follow in their footsteps." -

David Ernest


Sunday June 30, 2013

Heritage Day Parade

Click here to go to the Event Page and Dave's personal thank you to everyone involved!!

A special thank you to Shelly Slater Photography for the great pictures of the announcement. 

CrackDown on Gangs In Belvidere

The crime rate in Belvidere has dropped six years in a row. The following news story explains why gang activity has decreased in Belvidere. This is what happens when citizens get involved, law enforcement has a zero tolerance on gangs, and the States Attorney’s Office prosecutes gang members to the fullest. A partnership in this community is important and we must all work together to keep Belvidere / Boone County a great place to live!!

Click here to see the WIFR report!

I want to thank everyone for taking time to attend our cookout/meeting. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the support!! We have a lot of exciting things ready for the tent at the fair. All of you who could not make it but still want to help, just let me know. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Boone County Fair!!!

Letter: Ernest will make a great sheriff

I want to thank all of the retired Boone County and Belvidere City Officers who support me!! This is a really nice letter to the editor in the Register Star today! PS: The guys called to let me know it was a typo by the Star, and they do know how to spell my name!! 

Rockford Register Star Article

We had a great time at the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce BoCo Expo today. It was nice talking to so many people who ventured out into the bad weather! 

I love this post & photo! Ben Tuttle wrote: someone was excited to have this in our yard after seeing them everywhere else. He wanted me to call to tell you we need our sign. We got home and found this. Good luck Dave!

Thanks Ben & Gabe

I can’t tell you how humbled I am by the amount of support! Thank you so much for all of the requests for signs and the honks as you see us putting them up! Keep it coming ~ it sure lets me know I have made the right decision! If you are still waiting for your sign, I’m working like crazy!! I will get it there! If you think I forgot or don’t have your name on the list, just message me or make a comment! 

Contact me and let me know

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Ernest For Sheriff

Citizens to Elect Dave Ernest

P.O. Box 16

Belvidere, IL 61008

or call: 815-569-2426

 Email: ernest@officer.com

Almost time to vote!

The time is almost here! In just 2 weeks, I will be asking everyone to go to their polling place and vote for me for Boone County Sheriff! If for some reason you are not available on March 18th, you can always vote early! Several people have let us know they have already voted! It is an easy process; just go to the Boone County Clerk's Office, 1212 Logan Avenue, Belvidere and ask to vote (March 3 - March 15). Thanks So Much!

Here is the HUGE Endorsement in the Boone County Journal


We have had the privilege of working with Dave Ernest over the years and have witnessed his distinct qualities of character, experience, and performance. He is the only candidate that has been an example for us when it comes to partnership between the sheriff’s office and the police department. He has striven to make that partnership for the purpose of better serving the community.

 Dave Ernest has the leadership qualities we need and want and the residents of Boone County deserve. Proven leadership qualities such as integrity, knowledge, experience, fiscal responsibility, good communication skills, and accountability to each other and the people we serve and protect.

​ Dave has earned the respect of his peers and we proudly stand with him. We encourage the residents of Boone County to stand with him too, by voting on March 18th, for Dave Ernest to be the next sheriff of Boone County.

The following sergeants, detectives, deputies, and reserve deputies of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office would like to express their support for Dave Ernest as the next sheriff of Boone County:

Sgt. Dan Reid
Sgt. Darren Rowe
​Sgt. Ed Krieger
Sgt. Scott Yunk
Det. Rhonda Moore
Det. Ryan Smith
Det. Bill Kaiser
Det. Tim Fleming
Det. Scott Bowers
Det. Dan Reilley
Det. Pat Imrie
Deputy Tim Oberholtzer
Deputy Adam Stark
Deputy Rich McGill
Deputy Rob Rosenkranz
Deputy Austin Schmitt
Deputy Chris Burbach
Deputy Paul Bruneni
​Deputy Candy Bunk
Deputy Michael Schwartz
Deputy David Mordt
Deputy James Wehrle
Deputy Corey Wright
Deputy Nick Funk
Deputy Tonya Prine
Deputy Kevin Smyth
Deputy Tyler Russell
Deputy Brett Banaszak
Deputy Steve Tallacksen
Deputy Larry Ohlsen
Deputy Steve Gallano
Reserve Lieutenant Dave Gallano
Reserve Sgt. Gordy Butt
Reserve Cpl. Keith Clark
Reserve Cpl. Tom Miller
Reserve Deputy Tom Follis
Reserve Deputy Dean Page
Reserve Deputy Scott Johnson
Reserve Deputy Dave Dennis
Reserve Deputy Al Womak
Reserve Deputy Justin Pearson
Reserve Deputy Steve Zuidema
Reserve Deputy Cody Clark
Reserve Deputy Mike Gosnel
lReserve Deputy Jarrid Clark
Reserve Deputy Chad Bays

I am honored to be

publically supported by Belvidere Police Chief Jan Noble. 

Letter: No person more qualified for sheriff than Dave Ernest

The people of Boone County have a great opportunity to change the course of history by placing the right person in office to be our next sheriff. There is no person more
qualified than Dave Ernest. As a lifelong resident of Boone County,

I am asked daily why Dave Ernest is the better candidate to lead our County Sheriff's Department. Dave Ernest has spent years building relationships with numerous police and sheriffs departments. He has gained a standing in the law enforcement community through his ability to communicate a culture of trust and confidence that the task will get done in the right manner. Dave Ernest is
equipped to handle any and all situations that will arise as our next sheriff of Boone County.

It is for the same reasons that I selected him to
be deputy chief of operations that the voters should entrust him as their sheriff. His training and completion of the prestigious National FBI Academy have provided him the knowledge and skills to serve all the citizens of Boone County.

As Illinois' longest serving chief of police, I have had many opportunities to view what works in a community to reduce crime and provide for the public safety needs of our citizens. Deputy Chief Ernest has worked alongside me in developing effective crime fighting strategies. I am confident he will serve the citizens of Boone County with the level of professionalism required.

- Chief Jan W. Noble, Belvidere

I am honored to be

supported by Butch Peters. Thanks for the letter of support!!

Dave Ernest is the best candidate for sheriff; and he will be an excellent Sheriff! I have known Dave for over 20 years and I have found him to be a wonderful and dedicated man. He cares about his family and his community. He works hard and is always willing to help out. He is fair and treats everyone with respect. 

First, I have had the opportunity to be his daughters’ bus driver. They were and are wonderful girls who demonstrate the same core values I see in Dave. They are kind, caring, responsible, and hard working. From the time his girls were little he was their North Boone Softball Coach. Being very involved with North Boone High School I have seen Dave show true dedication to his family. He was in the stands cheering on his girls for every sporting event. He was always volunteering to help out, from taking stats
during all of the basketball and volleyball games to coaching the bases during softball games. 

Second, I have had the opportunity to work with
Dave during many 4H activities including at the Boone County Fair. He has always been very willing to jump in and lend a hand wherever he was needed. He has always been very positive and supports all of the youth and adults at the
fair. I along with others could always count on him at any given moment. 

Third, as a bailiff at the Boone County Court House
I have seen him be fair and treat everyone with respect. He is well liked and very respected. He is someone who truly cares about this county. We can put our trust and faith in him to protect and serve our county.

Please join me in supporting Dave Ernest for
Sheriff by voting for him on March 18, 2014. 

Butch Peters

This letter to the Editor

was in the Boone County Journal today.

Thank you so much Sandy Daniels; I too wish Judd was here!!

Letter to the Editor

RE: Dave Ernest for Boone County Sheriff I am writing this
letter of support for Dave Ernest for Boone County Sheriff.
I have worked with Dave Ernest for over 20 years. I have
heard him say so many times “It’s all about doing the
right thing.” I have seen him live that philosophy every day, making time for people when he didn’t have time and making decisions that were in the Department’s best interest that ultimately created more work for him.

His work ethics and commitment have earned him the
respect of those who work with him. I am happy for Dave that he is running for Sheriff and receiving so much well-deserved support from our community. But I am also sad that Judd Daniels is no longer here to participate in this campaign and support Dave, for it was also Judd’s hope that Dave would one day be Boone County Sheriff.

I encourage everyone to vote for Dave Ernest.

Election, Vote!

Today is finally Election Day!! Don’t forget to vote!! Make sure you ask for a Republican Ballot and vote for me, Dave Ernest for Sheriff!! Again, I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the last year!!

Tuesday Night!!

Don’t forget to vote for me, Dave Ernest for Sheriff, this Tuesday!! Election Day is almost here!! Thank you so much for the overwhelming support, help and spreading the word!!
So many people have worked so hard!! I am very proud of my entire committee and our positive campaign. We will be at Timber Pointe waiting for the results to come in. All are welcome!!

Ding ding!!

Today's official winner is?

The results came in last night with DC Ernest (the new sheriff) winning over Phillip Beu. The county has spoken with their votes of which were:

David M. Ernest - R             4,112

Phillip Beu - R                    1,099

Dave's comments when he won:

Thank you so much for the overwhelming support you showed me and my family! This has been a very humbling experience for all of us! I am very tired and cannot wait to sleep, but I wanted to quickly post something! I am very excited that the citizens of Boone County entrust me with the future of this county. I will work hard and serve the people! Again, I want to thank everyone for their help and support!!